Who We Are

We were the kids who dumped the box of crayons on floor. We drew outside the lines in our coloring books, finding beauty in the chaos that came from spilling color outside of predetermined boundaries. We showed our friends how green, black, beige, and purple can actually coordinate. We fell in love with white space. We flirt with paper samples. We are in a committed relationship with typography. We hang out with typefaces. We are creatives.

Our Team

Danielle Peterson
Art Director
Kristina Hopkins
Project Manager
Joseph Meyer

About Our Blog

The Brio Design blog is written by art director Danielle Peterson and includes news, announcements, and more. Typical topics include updates on projects currently in production, wedding and event communications, and design resources worthy of sharing.

An avid photography enthusiast, a cruising addict, and a new owner of a Vespa GTS, Danielle is sure to share daily musings on design, travel, and the daily life of an art director and designer.

Hot Off the Press:
PGCC Welcome Packet

An exciting project we’ve been working on for a few months has finally arrived from the printer. Prince George’s Community College’s first ever welcome...

Kortnee and Lucius

Title: Wedding Invitation

Client: Kortnee and Lucius

Category: Event Collateral

2012 NCMPR Medallion Awards Announced

The National Council of Marketing and Public Relations has announced that nine pieces designed or art directed by Danielle Peterson, Brio Design art director,...